A debut from Sunbury author


Ruby Knight from Sunbury is so excited to have released her debut novel, High Clowder Cats, into the world.

The author and jazz musician is also a teacher who specialises in inclusive learning for students with autism – she found inspiration for the novel when one of her students refused to read books unless they were about cats.

“The most important goal for writing this story was to write an action-packed adventure that would make readers young and old want to keep reading,” Ms Knight said.

She said as a teacher, it had been hard to find books for advanced young readers which had challenging vocabulary and themes, but the appropriate content to match.

In her new novel, she writes from the perspective of the cat to make “hard themes more accessible”.

“If the internet has taught us anything it is that everyone loves cats,” she said.

“The cats in High Clowder Cats have very human qualities, allowing me to explore themes of identity and belonging.”

Ms Knight believes readers will connect with the character Bushytail because he is gorgeously imperfect.

“He is constantly doubting himself, but always tries to do what is right. Importantly, he is full of compassion for others and feels a responsibility to help make a difference to make everyone’s lives better,” she said.

High Clowder Cats will be the first book in Ms Knight’s Clowder Cat series, and she said she feels thankful to her students who inspired her to write.

“The intelligent, thoughtful young people that I am so lucky to have in my life through my work who every day overcome incredible personal challenges and show enormous perseverance and resilience,” she said.

“I learn from them every day.”

Elsie Lange