The BookViral Review:

Enchanted reading from the first page to the last, High Clowder Cats is the first release in Ruby Knight’s Clowder Cats series. A release in a genre populated by too many shallow unexciting characters and narratives that seem to plod through recycled storylines but where Knight gives her readers a read that is wholly delightful and above all original.

When writing for younger readers fantasy doesn’t have to be clever, but it does need to stoke the embers of imagination and it’s this that Knight does so well. With an inventive plot and strong pacing it inspires much sentiment whilst a powerful emotional centre draws us to her feline characters.

With characters like Bushytail, Bristle, Stealth and Brokenear instantly rendered in our imaginations readers quickly become invested in their lives which allows Knight to focus on emotive resonance and thematic depth. Needless to say, she hits the ground running with a magical adventure that delivers the traditional sense-of-wonder readers expect to find in fantasy adventure stories with trials and tribulations manifesting themselves with each turn of the page.

With its strong emotional arc (tissues will be needed following Storm’s birth) High Clowder Cats remains conceptually strong throughout but particularly sparkles to life when it’s at its most antic with animated debates amongst the cats, treachery and well-imagined battle scenes.

High Clowder Cats is clearly the manifestation of a highly visual imagination, but perhaps more importantly it takes us beyond a stirring adventure. Embodying the spirit of friendship, and heroism that’s reminiscent of all-time fantasy classics.

A strong and notable debut that rightly raises high expectations for future releases in the Clowder Cats series High Clowder Cats is a highly recommended five-star read.