High Clowder Cats by Ruby Knight

A mother cat is forced to abandon her litter as is customary for cats in the wild to do. She is especially worried about one of her kittens, a ginger tomcat with a bushy tail. Will he survive in the wild with his bright coat?

Bushytail breaks away from his band of siblings and learns to fend for himself. He is especially brawny because catching a meal is always a tall order for him. It’s not long before he outgrows the farmlands and makes an arduous journey to the bushland. He has dreams of conquering his own territory and starting a family.

Bushytail soon finds out that the bushland is not without other tomcats with ambitions just like his. Fighting for dominance at this stage is futile, they are all more experienced than Bushytail. However, they are all outsiders to this land. Setting aside their rivalries and travelling together would be best.

Bristle takes Bushytail under his wing and they journey together to the hinterland as he teaches Bushytail how to be a better hunter. At first Bushytail isn’t too keen on the lessons, but he grows more enthusiastic when they start to pay off. The end of his training coincides with their arrival at the valley, the home territory of High Clowder.

As outsiders Bristle and Bushytail are regarded with caution at first, but they soon prove their worth to their new clowder.

High Clowder Cats, is a riveting tale about survival in the wild. It follows the lives of a group of cats each struggling to survive in the bushland. Their survival tactics are as different as their personalities. Soon their values clash . There is a fight for dominance at High Clowder, the best cat must win if this clowder is to survive and set a precedent for catkind living together.

This was highly entertaining and engaging. I almost didn’t want it to come to an end. I rate this 5 out of 5 and recommend it to children and adults alike. The story builds up steadily and reaches a satisfying climax at the end.

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