“Embodying the spirit of friendship, and heroism …”

The BookViral Review: Enchanted reading from the first page to the last, High Clowder Cats is the first release in Ruby Knight’s Clowder Cats series. A release in a genre populated by too many shallow unexciting characters and narratives that seem to plod through recycled storylines but where Knight gives her readers a read that is wholly delightful and above all original. When writing for younger readers fantasy doesn’t have to be clever, but it does need to stoke the embers of imagination and it’s this that Knight does so well. With an inventive plot and strong pacing it inspires much sentiment whilst a powerful emotional centre draws…


“High Clowder Cats by Ruby Knight is unlike any other fantasy book I’ve read before.”

High Clowder Cats – 5 stars There are so many novels within the fantasy genre, that sometimes it can be hard to decide what to read next. So many stories very generic and don’t really add anything new but High Clowder Cats by Ruby Knight is unlike any other fantasy book I’ve read before. I don´t think I have ever come across a fantasy book involving cats, but I am so glad that I came across this novel. High Clowder Cats is not only unique, but also a great written story with intriguing characters. This story will capture you from the very beginning thanks to Ruby Knight´s wonderful writing. The classic…


Book is a purr-fect read

A debut from Sunbury author Star Weekly SUNBURY | MACEDON RANGES Ruby Knight from Sunbury is so excited to have released her debut novel, High Clowder Cats, into the world. The author and jazz musician is also a teacher who specialises in inclusive learning for students with autism – she found inspiration for the novel when one of her students refused to read books unless they were about cats. “The most important goal for writing this story was to write an action-packed adventure that would make readers young and old want to keep reading,” Ms Knight said. She said as a teacher, it had been hard to find…


“I almost didn’t want it to come to an end. I rate this 5 out of 5 and recommend it to children and adults alike”

High Clowder Cats by Ruby Knight A mother cat is forced to abandon her litter as is customary for cats in the wild to do. She is especially worried about one of her kittens, a ginger tomcat with a bushy tail. Will he survive in the wild with his bright coat? Bushytail breaks away from his band of siblings and learns to fend for himself. He is especially brawny because catching a meal is always a tall order for him. It’s not long before he outgrows the farmlands and makes an arduous journey to the bushland. He has dreams of conquering his own territory and starting a family. Bushytail…



https://themoshshop.com.au/products/high-clowder-cats-by-ruby-knight Louie Stockfeld on Aug 28, 2022 High Clowder Cats is fast-paced, constantly interesting and doesn’t talk down to its audience. It doesn’t patronise children and makes for a quick, fun read for adults. Ruby Knight’s roots in high fantasy are clear: a classic tale of good triumphing over evil, our ragtag, humble protagonist, Bushytail, an outsider, finds himself swept up in a magical world, where he finds it up to him to do the right thing! High Clowder Cats’ strongest point is it’s Australianness. Bushytail’s connection with The Stone and the place of cats in this world makes for a nuanced exploration of colonisation, of Indigenous Australian…
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